In our constantly evolving world of events, time is commonly perceived as a uniform standard in a manner applicable to all fields. However, this conventional view of time often overlooks its characteristic of pluripotency. For all beings, time may have a wide variations, each resembling an inner-sense that is resulted by assemblages of factors. Director Jia Zhangke once remarked in an interview: "The first human convergence comes from the disregard of time and efficiency: just as the Mongols started from the prairie, they did not know the distance to Hungary." What we have here is not the Mongols disregard time as Jia mentioned, but rather they both had their own form of time.

Therefore we can see that when time is in difference as inner-sense, there are other worlds that we cannot understand and perceive. As a time-related unit, Hertz represents the number of periodic events that occur every second. The lowest audible sound that human can register is 20 Hz, while for some animals, such as dogs, can hear the lowest sound waves that can reach 15 Hz - so it is difficult for human to sense the fear that the animals get before the earthquake comes. The difference of time does not only arises from the being itself, but also the environment.

Traditionally the Chinese are accustomed to tell the time based on the sun, moon and the stars, when it comes to my generation I am no longer following the same approach due to the advances in science and technology. Thus as a way of communicating to the sky and earth - the Dragon Dance performance became something that I would no longer perceive accurately. The difference in time perception does not only exist between living beings. For instance the issue of global warming; if we were to walk along the glacier every day, it would be very likely that we will not notice any changes. If we went year after year, we would be aware of the problem. In this regard, the existence of substance is sometimes difficult to distinguish.


If only the homogeneity of time was being recognized, people would no longer appreciate its diversity. Yet if we endeavor to inspect time more closely of animals, of natures, of technology and etc, the more insights into the dimensions shall be gained. The real advantage of reflecting upon the difference in time as solutions to a dynamical system with tendencies, is to gain insight into the patterns of diversity. A perspective that introduced me to the fact that diversity is evidence of deeper primordial processes, common to all beings and larger than humanity.


当时间作为一种内在感觉会存在差异性时,会有另外一个世界是我们无法亲身体会和感知的。舞龙作为一种传统表演,体现出了古人与天地的一种交流方式。作为当代人我们使用时分秒作为时间的标准,而古人更习惯用日月星辰来判断时间,所以对于当代人来说有时会很难感受到传统习俗的意义的。时间感知的差异也不单单存在于生物之间。就如人类目前目前最炙手可热的问题全球变暖,如果我们每天都在冰川旁边行走很有可能不会察觉任何变化,但要是日复一日 年复一年,我们就会察觉问题。就此看来实质的存在有时都是很难辨别的。