Fengyi Zhu (Born 1993, Beijing) is an artist, designer & engineer currently living and working in New York and Beijing. He received his bachelor's degree in Applied Mathematics from the University of California - San Diego (2014) and his master's degree in Interactive Design from the ITP program of New York University (2017). Zhu chiefly presents his works in mediums ranging from video, software to sculptures and installations. His practice mainly focuses on exploring the expression of the materiality, which may refer to its origin and contingent tendency to evolve and change, through that to understand the dynamic system of its own and how it affects the world and ideologies.

His recent exhibitions include: “Hol!day”, Madein Gallery, Shanghai, China, 2021; “Goingaway.tv”, Arebyte Gallery, London, UK, 2020; “Wretched of the Screen”, Magdalen Art Space, Oxford, UK, 2020; “Extreme Mix”: Guangzhou Airport Biennale, Guangzhou, China, 2019; “ThinkVision”, Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China, 2019; “博物幻生”, The Mix-Place,Shanghai,China,2018;“Future Artifact”,Plexus Projects,New York,USA,2018;“Life 2.0, isthisit?”,The Wrong Digital Biennale,2017;and etc. Fengyi Zhu also works as a creative technologist at the design agency Moving Brands, New York, and creates digital content for various commission projects (fengyizhu.com). In 2020, Fengyi Zhu co-founded the furniture design studio Manifold with Yihan Chen, and takes part in each stage of the creation for various independent designs.

朱峰毅,艺术家,设计师,工程师,1993年生于北京目前工作生活于纽约。曾获加州大学-圣地亚哥应用数学学士(2014)与纽约大学ITP交互硕士(2017)。他的作品专注于捕获物质形态的信息传达,并探索其所指涉的来源与随机的行动倾向, 以此解构物质内在所富有的创造力及其对意识形态的影响。受多学科背景的影响,他的创作媒介从映像,软件到装置,雕塑均有涉及。

近期展览包括,群展:“假日”,没顶画廊,上海,中国,2021;“Goingaway.tv”,Arebyte画廊,伦敦,英国,2020;“Wretched of the Screen”,Magdalen空间,牛津,英国,2020;“极限混合”:2019广州空港双年展,广州,中国,2019;“尽纳万象”,UCCA尤伦斯当代艺术中心,北京,中国,2019;“博物幻生”,衡山·和集,上海,中国,2018;“Future Artifact”,Plexus Projects,纽约,美国,2018;“Life 2.0, isthisit?”,The Wrong数字双年展,2017;等;此外,朱峰毅还工作于设计机构Moving Brands, 并担任交互设计工程师,同时于2020年与艺术家陈一涵共同创立和运营Manifold家具设计工作室,参与构思并制作了数多家具与雕塑设计。

email at fzhu622@gmail.com and view cv here.