Rare Species, 2016                            
Mix materials
32'' x 25'' x 25''

Geology (as a study that concerns with the history of the planet earth) has a larger historical scale than the history of human civilization. At this scale the earth can shape the continent and the ocean in hundreds millions of years, and also change species in ten millions of years. It is a lonely evolutionary planet and an entity that had not been recognized. Gem - a result of hundreds millions of years of geological movement - produces a specific value due to the happening of human civilization, however, without being affected by the human will it is worthless as a simple substance.

The creation of the piece is based on a similar process – through a large number of elaborate, repetitive and labor-intensive work to reflect the value of the final output. Acrylic panels and mechanical screws, which symbolize the refinement of the human industrialization, form a seemingly organic fluid creature by randomly and continuously interconnecting, fastening and expanding.

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