Icon Effect, 2020
single channel video, images

CGI is delusive but attractive, and those are stigmas that has been cultivated over decades of computer graphics and creative applications. When virtual objects are perfectly integrated with the real environment after rendering, the fact that their existence is determined by various computer data is no longer bothering. By conjecture, after replacing natural factors such as physics, light, and time, these computer data also became a new norm for producing and understanding imageries.

没有什么骗术是值得被明目张胆的使用的,但经过多年的发展和应用CGI逐渐成为了一个特例 - 当虚拟的物体在渲染之后与现实环境融为一体时,它们的存在是由各种电脑数据决定的事实已不再被人在意。就此推断,当代替了物理,光线,时间等自然因素之后,这些电脑数据的化身也成为了一种新的制造和解构图像景观的规范。