Airplane Mode, 2019                             
4K Video, 2’15’’

Originated from the The Spread Mind Theory, Riccardo Manzotti raised that an entity exists only if it is the actual cause of some further effect, for example, a key is a key only when it opens a lock, and on the contrary, it is a scrap of metal if it is forgotten in a dusty drawer. Perhaps there are many ways and perspectives on describing the use of an entity or its actual cause of further effect, but instead of fate-determining I surmise my observation would be that it is demeaning - it is more or less the trigger for hierarchy or the embryo of bondage. And if so, do an entity still have a use?  

One of a few inconspicuous features on our mobile device - the airplane mode has undergone a transformation of use. Rather than having one, to a differing degree, it has more.   

Levi Bryant in his book Onto-Cartography stated that a machine (in his context-an entity) does not have a use as an intrinsic feature of their beings, though they can be put to use. Like the airplane mode can be used to prevent signal disturbance on a flying plane, it can also be used to restore peace of mind daily by detaching users from the entangled world of internet. It is pluralistic and capable of actual one itself in a variety of different ways.  

In the video, a singular airplane seat is placed in various natural environments, accompanied by text depictions, such settings suggested a sensation nowhere close to one would experience from a narrow cabin. However, rather than becoming something else, the airplane mode still retained its primordial form, regardless of the fact that it will continue interacting and hybridizing with various elements, and suggesting potential contingent future effects. 

Installation view from Extreme Mix - Guangzhou Airport Biennial, 2019 in partnership with Slime Engine.

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